Avoiding the Bar Scene When Struggling with Addiction

When it comes down to the treatment of addiction, one of the conscious steps which must be taken, is to deliberately avoid that particular addiction trigger which is responsible for making you hooked on it. It may not be instant, but with time, you would discover that you are gradually having a natural dislike for it.

For alcohol, the same principle applies. Moderation is essential in cases like this, as it is what makes our mental health stable. As humans, we have to ensure that our lives is balanced in all ramifications, this involves what we eat and drink. Addiction is however the opposite of living a moderate lifestyle.

Alcohol triggers exist almost everywhere, this implies that you would hardly go a day without seeing what could cause you to take alcohol, so it is up to you to ensure that you do not relapse after making efforts to avoid alcohol.

You can easily get alcohol in bars, and if you are someone who frequents such places, how do you go about stopping its visitation? One step which you must take, is to reduce the rate at which you visit a bar. For instance, if you visit a bar five times a week, you should step it down to three, then two and with time, it should reduce definitely.

The same applies to the number of bottles or cups you take each time you visit a bar, try to ensure that you reduce the quantity.

You would also need to look at the reason why you are hooked on alcohol, and see if it is worth it. If you are someone who takes alcohol because of regular depression, there are other effective ways to combat it rather than visiting a bar to supposedly drown those feelings. In this case, you could seek the services of a counsellor who would definitely be willing to discuss with you and proffer ways which would be instrumental in ensuring that you are no longer depressed, and you would find no reason to visit the bar.

Also, ensure that the time you spend at the bar, is expended doing beneficial things. Going to the bar for alcohol indicates that you have free time on your hands. If you are the busy type, you would notice that the rate at which you take alcohol would be on the decline.

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